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Our Founder, Fred Bowie, has been helping folks retire and plan for their Estates in Ottawa, Ontario since 1980. He’s helped thousands of people grow their investments while protecting those hard earned dollars for their future. Our team is proud to continue to offer investment options that fit into your Retirement and Estate plans… and make you more tax efficient. 

We provide options from Canadian institutions such as RBC, CI Investments, Sunlife, IA and more to help grow your TFSA, RRSP/LIRA, RRIF/LIF and other savings accounts with the security offered in GICs, Segregated Funds, and Annuities. Our clients enjoy the growth these investments offer them and the guarantees for their loved ones down the line.

You need investments that offer security and growth.

Segregated Funds, are similar to mutual funds, but offer protection against market downturns and allow you to name beneficiaries on your accounts to simplify your Estate. These investments are only available from insurance companies like RBC, Sunlife, IA, Desjardins. They guarantee the investment 100% for your Estate while allowing you to benefit from market gains at the same time. Segfunds are not available at the banks. Segfunds can be held in your TFSAs, RRSPs, RRIFs, LIRAs, LIFs and non-registered savings accounts. You can even lock in your account's gains for your Estate annually – guaranteeing your money will be there for your loved ones. You'll have total access to your money when you need it. You can even take monthly payments.

Want a no risk option? Let's talk GICs.

Diversifying into Guaranteed Investment Certificates give stability and security in an uncertain world. Not all GICs are created equally. If you are looking for security in investments and are looking at GICs you should know that insurance GICs have important, additional benefits. From saving on your taxes when you are a pensioner, to being able to name a beneficiary who will be able to avoid costly probate delays. We offer options with competitive interest rates, High Interest Savings accounts and the ability to name beneficiaries.

Use your investments to get monthly income for life.

We don’t live on Assets, we live on Income. To be successful in retirement you need guaranteed monthly income to cover your costs. Our Advisors can help turn some of your investments into guaranteed monthly income you need now. This can come from your investments and we can look at annuities that offer you protected lifetime income that can keep up with inflation; without market risk. A life annuity can give you a regular income for life with options that allow your spouse/ beneficiaries to continue to receive payments after your death. Annuities are truly ideal for anyone adverse to market risk who wants uncomplicated guaranteed monthly income. It's like building your own pension.

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