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Grow your Investments, Secure Your Legacy, and get Monthly Income when you need it. 

Investing in your retirement years can feel like a real challenge- you’ve accumulated wealth, but now what? Have you outgrown your current Advisor or Bank? What’s the most efficient way to secure and grow those funds, and get monthly income from them when you need it?  Imagine…investments that grow with the market, while guaranteeing your deposits. Fred Bowie has been the “Retirement Investment Guy” in Eastern Ontario since 1980. He’s helped thousands of people grow their investments while protecting those hard earned dollars for their future and Estates. Our team is proud to continue to serve our community and offer investment options that fit into your Retirement and Estate plans. Bowie can help you make the most of your TFSA, RRSP/LIRA, RRIF/LIF and other investment accounts with the security offered in GICs, Segregated Funds, and Annuities. Our clients enjoy the guarantees these investments offer them – a safety net can help you sleep well at night.

What Investments do we love at Bowie Financial Inc.?

All the options can make your head spin. All we can do is break it down into what we know best; Seg funds/GIFs and GICs – we love them because they offer guarantees. At Bowie Financial Inc. we only work with estate friendly investments; why wouldn’t you insure your legacy? 

Segregated Funds, also known as Guaranteed Investment Funds, are similar to mutual funds (they play the market); except they offer protection against market downturns and can avoid Probate/Estate Administration Tax. Backed by Assuris, these investments are only offered by insurance companies which guarantee the investment upon death or maturity. These can be held in TFSAs, RRSPs, RRIFs, LIRAs, LIFs and/ or non-registered accounts and you can name a beneficiary to help avoid the cost and delays associated with estate settlement. 

It gets even better!  Select Seg. funds/GIFs offer “Annual Resets” on your account. What’s a Resets and why do you want one? It’s like an insurance policy ON TOP of your investment…when you die your beneficiary will get the market value PLUS any additional funds that were “reset in previous years”. If you’re planning on leaving a legacy it’s ideal to secure your investments from a market downturn because we all know nobody dies at the “right time”.

Let’s talk GICs…

Many savers and investors chose to put some of their money in Guaranteed Investment Certificates because they give stability and security in an uncertain world. Not all GICs are created equally. If you are looking for security in investments and are looking at GICs you should know that insurance GICs have important, additional benefits. From saving on your taxes when you are a pensioner, to being able to name a beneficiary who will be able to avoid costly probate (now known as the Estate Administration Tax – EAT tax for short, since it eats away at your investments), and more!

Insurance GICs, also known as accumulation annuities, offer security for you and protection for your family and because they guarantee your principal and the rate of return, they can serve as an important component for your savings during your working years. All Insurance GICs are easily convertible into an income stream at retirement.

Need a Monthly Paycheck in Retirement? Use your Investments to create Monthly Income for Life!

We don’t live on Assets, we live on Income. To be successful in retirement you need guaranteed monthly income to cover your costs. We all need Paycheques- and after years of hard work we all deserve Playcheques!  

Bowie can help turn some of your investments into guaranteed monthly income to get those Paycheques. Annuities offer you protected lifetime income that can keep up with inflation; without market risk. A life annuity can give you a regular income for life with options that allow your spouse, beneficiary or estate to continue to receive payments incase of your death. Annuities are truly ideal for anyone adverse to market risk who wants uncomplicated guaranteed monthly income. 

Want to Preserve Your Family’s Wealth while Minimizing Taxes?

Estate planning made easy! Our Certified Executor Advisors (CEAⓇ) guide you through the ins and outs of estate planning and settlement so you can set those worries aside and live for today. We will even help you get organized.

Tax efficiency is an important part of any Retirement and Estate Plan. Want to see a snapshot of your final tax bite? Click here to use our Final Tax Bite Calculator. Our in-house tax professionals offer the most up-to-date tax information, assist with your tax needs all year round, and help position your investments to maximize tax efficiency. We understand the specific needs of retirees and seniors and help with pension income splitting, Disability Tax Credits, CPP/OAS deferral questions, and other tax benefits.

At Bowie Financial Inc. we believe that everyone deserves solid advice and friendly, on-going service for your tax, estate planning, investments, and life insurance needs all in one place! We have an all-encompassing team that works for you – with a Tax Department, Certified Executor Advisors on staff, and a Life Insurance & Investment Brokerage; we hope we can be your “one-stop-shop”. 

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