You Want to Grow & Secure Your Money 

Tired of the Government Emptying Your Pockets?

Is it Time to Simplify Your Estate?

Bowie Can Help .

You Want to Protect Your Estate for Your Loved Ones 

You’re an Executor Who Needs Guidance.

Bowie Can Help with Estate Planning & Settlement.

It’s Time to Protect & Grow Your Money.

You Deserve Monthly Income for Life.

Bowie Can Help Protect Your Investments

You have Questions about CPP, OAS and Pension Income Splitting

Do you want to Save on Taxes?

Bowie Can Help You be Tax Efficient


You’ve worked hard for your money;

now let’s work smart to grow and protect it.

Our integrated team has expertise in these areas:

Guaranteed Investments & Income Plans, Estate Planning & Settlements, Income Taxes CPP and OAS Benefit Guidance, Life Insurance & Living Benefits.

Guarantee your Investments and get Income for Life

Imagine…Investments that grow with the Market, while Guaranteeing your Deposits for your Estate. Secure and make the most of your TFSA, RRSP/LIRA, RRIF/LIF and other savings accounts. Need Monthly Income? To be successful in Retirement you need Guaranteed Monthly Income to cover your costs: Bowie Can Help.

Estate Plans that are to Die For

It’s more than simply having a Will and you don’t have to be “Daddy Warbucks” to have an Estate… You’ve built a Legacy; Bowie Can Help Secure it. That’s why we have Certified Executor Advisors on staff to enhance your Legacy with smart ways to get your Estate Plan organized now; before you die. We stay up-to-date on the latest changes to Estate Administration Tax/Probate in Ontario and educate our clients on the best practices for intergenerational Wealth Transfer. We also offer professional services that assists Executors in handling the multiple responsibilities of Estate Settlement after the death of a loved one.

As your Lifestyle Changes, so do Your Income Taxes

Tax Efficiency and Social Benefit Guidance

The government complicates things, we simplify them. Bowie Financial Inc. has prepared thousands of reviews and evaluations for Canadian taxpayers, to determine potential tax savings; while keeping our clients up to date on the latest changes to Income Taxes. Our tax service is geared to the specific needs of retirees and seniors, however we are here to help every age group.

Now is the Time to Protect your Family and Income

Life Insurance Solutions for Everyone

Understanding the ins and outs of legacy and income protection plans can be complex. Life insurance options are not easy to comprehend…unless you’re a pro at the “jargon”. People have so many questions. How much insurance do we need? Will I even qualify? Can we afford this? Can we afford NOT to do this? Bowie Can Help you narrow down your life insurance needs and find solutions that meet them (and your budget). 


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