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The Bowie Financial Story

Written by Sarah Bowie, President of Bowie Financial Inc.

Before I was born my dad, Fred Bowie, began his career selling life insurance. This was his calling. He came from a poor family (rich in love) and learned the value of life insurance early in life. 

Marian, my grandmother, became a single mom in the 60s- not ideal when you are raising 6 boys (especially in the 60s). She worked hard as a secretary and the boys went to work early in their lives to help out. 

As the boys grew older and came into a sense of adventure (let’s be honest…they were rowdy risk-takers), Grandma realized that she could not afford it if something awful happened to one of them. In the event such a tragedy struck their family, she wanted to be sure that she would be able to bury them with respect, so she made them all pay for a small life insurance policy in respect of one another. Richard, their insurance broker, would come by monthly to pick up their premiums, share his knowledge and most importantly; check in on the family.

He truly cared about this family and it showed. A bond was created and from a very young age my dad, Fred, knew he would grow up to be an insurance salesperson to help others achieve “peace of mind”. I love this story because it’s true and really shows the true value of insurance products… peace of mind.

I did not grow up wanting to be an insurance broker (especially since BOTH my parents were insurance brokers and I was a rebel), so I began a career selling real estate instead. Real estate was a fun career and I am grateful for the decade I spent in it, the people I met, and all the valuable knowledge I gained. But something changed for me a few years ago. My spouse and I bought a rural home south of Kemptville and I started to spend more time with my young family. This happens when you have no neighbours, parks or shopping nearby. Suddenly it was just us four palling around on our secluded piece of land and I was in heaven. This is the life for me! Now here’s the problem; the world of real estate is not kind to be a “Family Girl”, so I started to look into new career options…


Obviously my parents felt this would be a good fit for our family life and it jived well with my background of helping folks find the right home for their needs. I decided to take the leap of faith and follow in my parents’ footsteps and I’ve never looked back. I LOVE helping people achieve peace of mind with the products we offer. I’ve met some of the nicest people and my meetings often end in hugs- how lucky am I?!

There are many reasons that I am passionate about what I do at work…here are a few of them:

  • I get to know our clients and their kids (sometimes they bring in candy),
  • We help people feel less stressed out about tax efficiency and estate planning, and
  • We offer guarantees on the investments/insurance we sell to help folks sleep well at night.

At the end of the day, I am most thankful to my Grandma Marian for instilling the importance of protecting yourself and your assets, no matter how rich or poor you are. We work hard to live the lives we do – it’s important to respect that!


Years in the Business

Our CEO celebrates 40 years in the business in May 2020!


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Fred has hosted 120+ informative workshops, a number that will continue to grow.


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