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Our Founder, Fred Bowie, has proudly served Eastern Ontario residents since 1980. We thank you for your continued support.

The Bowie Financial Story

Written by Sarah Bowie, President of Bowie Financial Inc.

Before I was born my dad, Fred Bowie, began his career selling life insurance. This was his calling. He came from a poor family (rich in love) and learned the value of life insurance early in life. Marian, my grandmother, became a single mom in the 60s- not ideal when you are raising 6 boys -especially in the 1960s. She worked hard as a secretary and the boys went to work early in their lives to help out. 

As the boys grew older and came into a sense of adventure (let’s be honest…they were rowdy risk-takers), Grandma realized that she could not afford it if something happened to one of them. In the event such a tragedy struck their family, she wanted to be sure that she would be able to bury them with respect, so she made them each pay for a small life insurance policy. Richard, their insurance broker, would come by monthly to pick up their premiums, share his knowledge and most importantly; check in on the family. He truly cared about this family and it showed. A bond was created and from a very young age my dad, Fred, knew he would grow up to be an insurance salesperson to help others achieve peace of mind.

I love this story because it’s true and really shows the true value of insurance products and good advise… peace of mind.

Thank you Grandma Marian for instilling the importance of protecting yourself and your assets, no matter how rich or poor you are.

We work hard to live the lives we do – it’s important to respect that!


Years in the Business

Our Founder, Fred, celebrated 40 years in the business in 2020!


Informative Workshops

Fred has hosted 120+ informative workshops, a number that will continue to grow.


Partner Companies

As a brokerage, we have access to over 20 companies, offering you a wide selection of solutions.

Meet the Bowie Team


Founder of Bowie Financial


President of Bowie Financial


Client Relations


Taxes & Bookkeeping


Investment and Insurance Advisor, PFA, CEA

Fred Bowie

Founder of Bowie Financial Inc.

Financial and Estate Planner, CEA

Fred has been Eastern Ontario's Retirement Guy for over 44 years! He goes above and beyond for our clients and everyone he meets. He cares about our community and is a local philanthropist.

He has been married to his lovely wife, Rita, for over 46 years and is a supportive father to his two daughters, Melinda and Sarah, and a fun Grandpa. Along with volunteering, Fred is an active member for his church, a Pickleball player and long time "dad joke" enthusiast.



Sarah Bowie

President of Bowie Financial

Financial and Estate Advisor, CEA

Securing investments, planning estates, and tax efficiency are topics I love to discuss with our clients… and really anyone that will listen. Bringing a fresh, practical approach to these tough topics through easy to understand solutions is my focus – I love supporting our awesome team!

I have two lovely children, a supportive spouse and a big brown dog. We are gardeners, and handy around our home. I was a Realtor from 2006 – 2017 (in Ontario and New York) before I became a Financial Advisor.

Tracy Sun

Senior Tax Advisor, Bookkeeper, CEA

Tracy has over 15 years of accounting and tax experience, including Personal Income Tax, Estate Tax, HST, GST, Audits and Returns. Not only does Tracy help clients with taxes, but also offers tax efficiency planning for all of life’s stages.

Beyond being a wealth of knowledge; she is very helpful, coaching and educating clients so they are always well prepared. Tracy is a Certified Executor Advisor – this comes in handy when helping with estates. Tracy loves to help small businesses get started and set up properly and watch them flourish.

Kris Alary

Financial and Estate Advisor, PFA, CEA

Kris is a Professional Financial Advisor and a sitting member on the Ottawa Chapter Board for Certified Executor Advisors Network, expanding on the helping hand and preparations to Executors and families. He has been honoured to Advise Clients for the past half-decade. Kris truly performs a tireless effort to help and empower clients to achieve Financial & Legacy Freedom.

He's an active person who is family oriented – really an overall nice guy who truly cares about our clients. We are so lucky to have him here at Bowie Financial.

Jessica Deaken

Brand Management and Client Care

My background is in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Business Admin, Coaching, and Marketing. Here at Bowie, I help keep our social media presence up to date, write some of our blogs, create fun graphics and am the friendly face you see here at tax time. Spending time with our clients brings me joy.

I am a mamma to three wonderful kids, a bunch of awesome smarty pants. We love technology and computers, love to keep up-to-date with trends, and are forward thinking. I love working with a company that thinks outside the box!


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