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Now is the Time to Protect your Family and Income

Understanding the ins and outs of legacy and income protection plans can be complex. Life insurance options are not easy to comprehend…unless you’re a pro at the “jargon”. People have so many questions. 

How much insurance do we need?

Will I even qualify?

Can we afford this?

Can we afford NOT to do this?

Bowie can help you narrow down your life insurance needs and find solutions that meet them (and your budget). We work with numerous trusted Life Insurance companies to offer solutions for everyone- even if you have been turned down before or worry that you’re “too old” or a smoker. With decades of experience we welcome your questions.

Are you a Homeowner with a Mortgage?

Did you know that replacing your existing Mortgage Life Insurance with traditional, trusted Life Insurance can be easy and might save you money and headaches! Need more information about the difference between traditional life insurance and the bank’s mortgage life insurance? 

We want to help you make an informed life and death decision with friendly, easy to understand advise. With non-face-to-face e-apps, and other application options, we make the process as simple as possible and will be there to walk you through it. We want to insure your happy!

We work for YOU; not the insurance companies.

Legacy and lifestyle protection encompasses many different coverage

options and can be complex, but don’t worry, we are here to help.

Pays cash to your family or other beneficiary after your death. This will provide them with needed income and final costs. With policies like Whole Life and Universal Life; you can build up cash values (which you can borrow from or use as an investment, guaranteed). If you’re budget conscious and want to protect your assets and family, Term Life Insurance might be your solution.

Almost any budget can afford a life insurance policy – we all know something is better than nothing.

Different Kinds of Life Insurance Policies

Helps protect you financially if you suffer a serious illness. The most common claims are due to cancer, stroke, heart attack, and dementia. This coverage was developed by a doctor who saw the need for protection from the financial impact of having; and surviving a critical illness. Getting sick can be very expensive, even in Canada.

Critical illness offers a tax-free payout of a predetermined, lump-sum cash payment (you decide how much when you buy a policy). This allows you to focus on your recovery. Critical Illness Insurance – Coverage when it counts

Provides income in case you get sick or hurt and are unable to work. Up to 40% of Canadians become disabled for 90 days or longer before the age of 65. Disability coverage will replace most of your paycheck with a tax-free monthly income of up to 80% of your regular income, so you can rest knowing most of your bills will be paid.

Disability Insurance Explained

Long term CARE coverage works like a reimbursement plan for things like meals, adjustments to your home for accessibility, medical assistance and equipment, and other items our government does not cover. 

It is primarily designed to keep you home longer and can act as a bridge between home care and long term care facilities (since the wait lists can be long).

Long Term Care Insurance

At Bowie Financial Inc. we believe that everyone deserves solid

advice and friendly, on-going service. Bowie can help with your

taxes, estate planning, investments, and life insurance all in one place! 

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