As your Lifestyle Changes, so do Your Income Taxes

Bowie Can Help Maximize Your Tax Savings and Social Benefits

Tax Efficiency and Social Benefit Guidance

Bowie Financial Inc. has prepared thousands of reviews and evaluations for Canadian taxpayers, to determine potential tax savings; while keeping our clients up to date on the latest changes. Our tax service is geared to the specific needs of retirees and seniors, however we are here to help every age group. Annually, we file taxes for multiple generations of family members and educate on RESP, RDSP and RRSP contributions, pension income splitting, Disability Tax Credits, and other tax benefits. We also assist small businesses/independent contractors. If you have a complex case or many years to file, we can help simplify things and get you back in the good graces of the CRA.  

Are you a Senior or about to Retire? 

Have questions about Social Benefits?

As your lifestyle changes, so does your tax situation. With changes like receiving pensions, CPP, OAS, mandatory RRIF payments, Disability Tax Credits, etc. and no longer contributing to your RRSP; it’s tough to know what the tax year ahead will look like and how to make the best of your social benefits. Bowie Can Help you see clearly. With our holistic approach, our Tax Advisors work closely with our Investment Professionals to maximize your tax savings and enhance your social benefits. 

Click here to use our CPP Calculator. 

Are you Dealing with an Estate?

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, we offer our condolences. We hope to make a tough time a little easier. We can help you complete the Final year and Trust (Estate) tax return and use our experience as Certified Executor Advisors to guide you and provide you with the tools needed to deal with the Estate. Want to simplify your own Estate Plan now? Bowie Can Help. We look at your assets to help determine what can avoid probate, how to pay less income tax at death, the impact of charitable giving, and ensure you are well organized. Click here to use our Estate Planning Checklist to get started.

The government complicates things, we simplify them. Taxes are a tough fact of life, but anyone can make the best of their tax situation with a little help. At Bowie Financial Inc. we can help by reviewing previous years taxes and/or help forecast what taxes in retirement might look like for you. 

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