25+ Estate Documents You Need to Put in One Place

Estate Binder

An estate binder is where you keep all your important information that a loved one will need when you get seriously injured, can’t speak for yourself, or die. 
Below is what information you should be putting into your binder. From Life Insurance Policies, Investments, to your will, and other important information. 
It is important to have an Estate Binder because it’s easier upon your death for your loved ones, beneficiaries, lawyers, and executors to know what you had paid into, your final wishes, your legacy, your paid-up policies, who gets your money and who doesn’t. This binder is a voice for you when you don’t have one any longer. This will be the most important binder you have. 
Complete one today!  In case you didn’t know this is a service we help our clients with here at Bowie Financial Inc. 


The Essentials
  • Will
  • Letter of Instruction 
  • Trust Documents
Marriage and Divorce
  • Marriage License
  • Divorce Papers
  • Separation Agreements
Health Care Confidential
  • Personals and Family Medical History
  • Durable Health Care POA
  • Authorization to Release Health Care Information
  • Living Will
  • Do Not Resuscitate Order
Proof of Ownership
  • Housing, Land and Cemetery Deeds
  • Escrow Mortgage Accounts
  • Proof of Loans Made and Debt Owed
  • Vehicle Titles
  • Stock Certificates, Savings Bonds
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Partnership & Corporate Agreements • Income Tax Returns
Life Insurance and Retirement
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plans
  • RRIF Accounts
  • Pension Documents
  • Annuity Contracts
Bank Accounts
  • List of Bank Accounts
  • List of all User Names & Passwords • List of Safe Deposit Boxes 
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