Investments & Income

Income Planning Matters: Ensuring a Secure and Comfortable Retirement
Income Planning for Summer Fun
compounding interest
The Power of Compound Interest: How Small Investments Grow Over Time
Navigating Your Financial Journey with Bowie Financial’s Essential Tools and Resources
Working From Home Expenses: New Updates From The CRA for 2023
tax planning 2023
Essential Year-End Tax Tips for 2023 from Bowie Financial
Banking on Security: Comparing GIC Offers from Insurance Companies and Banks
benefits of GICs
Benefits of GICs
seg fund sheltered protection
The Modern Value of Your Investments
business shaking hands
The True Value of Your Ability to Earn
death benefit family protection
Understanding Death Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide
home-accessibility-blueprint-wheelchair-access tax credit
Home Accessibility Tax Credit (HATC) – A Federal Opportunity for Accessibility
DTC - Disability Tax Credit - Eligibility Expansion
Unlocking the Benefits of the Disability Tax Credit – DTC Eligibility Expansion
women and estate planning
Addressing Women’s Unique Estate Planning Needs: Ensuring Financial Security and Legacy
retirement years tax efficiency help
How Can Being Tax-Efficient Help You in Your Retirement Years?
The value of having a retirement plan
The Value of Having a Retirement Plan
piggy bank overflow bowie financial tax return and refund in ontario canada
Income Tax Stories from our Clients – Jeff and Mary get a $13,674.00 Income Tax Refund with over $10,000.00 more to come!
Estate Administration Tax
Estate Taxes in Ontario: Understanding How Segregated Funds Can Help You Protect and Save Your Money for Your Loved Ones!
First time home buyer - HBP or FHSA
How to Take Advantage of the HBP or the Newly Launched FHSA!
2022 Tax Time in Canada
It’s Time to Prepare for the 2022 Tax Year
Let’s talk about the RRIF – an RRSP Maturity Option
RRSP Nest Egg Investing
Let’s Talk About RRSPs
Canadian beneficiary money gift
Check Your Beneficiaries!
What is a TFSA?
alzheimer's dementia estate planning
Alzheimers & Dementia – Preparing your Estate, Before it’s too Late!
investments growing
The Difference Between CIDC (Bank) & Assuris (Insurance) coverages  
What is the Difference between GIC Maturity and Segregated Fund Maturity
What’s the Difference between GIC Maturity and Segregated Fund Maturity?
Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) & Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) could result in taxes owing
pacman EAT tax
Probate, what is it? It’s the Estate Administration Tax now!
Insurance GICs vs Bank GICs – Save on Taxes & Have Security with Your GICs?
TFSA 2022 Contribution room
New 2022 TFSA limit announcement released!
Creating Your Own Pension Plan
We think Segregated Funds are Awesome! Here’s Why.
Let’s Talk About TFSA’s
What Are The Most Common Social Benefit Questions People Ask As They Go Into Retirement?
The Different Kinds of Life Insurance Policies
What The Heck is a Seg Fund?
Decoding Financial Jargon
How to Get Income Out of Your RRSPs
How to Achieve Financial Success
A Smart Way to Pay Less Tax Using Life Insurance
Holographic wills
We Hand-Wrote Our Own Wills


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